How to Report Flight Related Issues

To get any flight related issue investigated ASAP, please follow these steps:

1. Launch AirLoader (desktop app) on your computer and go to "Download logs" section:

2. Connect your AirDog (without the battery) and AirLeash to your computer via micro USB. Turn AirLeash ON by long pressing the "OK" button:

3. Both of your devices will show up in the AirLoader. Click the "Download logs" button for both of the devices:

4. The log files will be automatically downloaded and then uploaded to the Air Cloud, where our Support Team can access them:

5. Do not close the AirLoader app if all log files are not uploaded. Wait for the "All logs uploaded" message to show:

6. Click on the "Report a problem" section and you'll be redirected to our web "Report Wizard". Please choose the "I crashed my Airdog" section and then select "Crash Report":

7. In the Crash Report write what happened and also mention when it happened. So it is easier for our support team to find the right log files and analyze them ASAP.