How to Report Flight Related Issues

To get any flight related issue investigated ASAP, please follow these steps:

1. Launch AirLoader (desktop app) on your computer and go to "Download logs" section:

2. Connect your AirDog (without the battery) and AirLeash to your computer via micro USB. Turn AirLeash ON by long pressing the "OK" button:

3. Both of your devices will show up in the AirLoader. Click the "Download logs" button for both of the devices:

4. Once you have downloaded (at least) one log file you'll see the "Upload Now" button in the upper right corner:

5. Click the "Upload Now" button to send the log files to AirCloud. You can press this button right away or wait until all log files have been downloaded. Make sure that all logs are in the cloud:

6. Click on the "Report a problem" section. Fill out the report form and submit it:

Our Support Team will do their best to help you ASAP!