2 of 3 - Preflight Setup, GPS Lock, Sensor Check

AirDog preflight setup, attaching propellers, sensor check

  1. Do mechanical setup: Unfold arms, Attach Propellers, Insert Battery, Turn on AirLeash.
  2. Acquire strong GPS signal.
  3. Perform Sensor Check (sensor validation). This is the most important step. Watch in-depth video here.
  4. Select Sports Activity. For first time we suggest using "MTB" Activity. To select Activity press (in AirLeash) "Menu button" (Use left/right arrow buttons to scroll between menu items) select "Sports" > "MTB" > "Select/OK". REMEMBER do not use MTB sport mode if you are on water, because in this sport mode AirLeash barometer is enabled and when it gets submerged it senses altitude change and AirDog will decrease its altitude rapidly!