How to Pair AirDog with Mobile App

The AirDog mobile app enables the user to adjust, customize and fine-tune sport mode settings and create AirDog LINEs (read more about this feature here). You can also customize any sport mode settings directly via the AirLeash. 

1. Open the AirDog app on your smartphone tap on 'Menu' (bottom right corner) and login with your AirDog ID. Please ensure that Bluetooth is turned "ON" on your device.

2. Unfold all AirDog arms and insert the battery to turn your AirDog ON. Wait 10 seconds. 

3. Enable pairing mode by long pressing (5sec.) AirDog's “tail button” until you hear a long beep and AirDog’s LED’s start flickering:

4. In the Mobile app, press the AirDog icon:

5. Tap on the “Search” button and the app will find your AirDog (Phones bluetooth must be enabled). 

6. Then press the “Connect” button in the app to connect to your AirDog. 

Now you can customize any sport mode, just make sure that after customizing any values "Sync" them with AirDog.