1 of 3 - Activation and Firmware Update

AirDog activation and firmware update before the first flight (watch below)

  1. Create your AirDog ID click here
  1. Get AirLoader desktop app which you will need to update AirDog & AirLeash firmware and send log files to us later. 
  2. Get Mobile App for your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  3. Activate your AirDog. To activate your AirDog with the Mobile app, Insert AirDog's battery, unfold all arms (LEDs should light up), press and hold the AirDog "tail" button until you hear a tone and LEDs start to flash very fast. Open AirDog Mobile App (internet connection is required), log-in with your AirDog ID, tap on tab "AirDog" in the bottom of the screen. Tap Search > tap Connect >  then tap Activate. You can also activate your AirDog through AirLoader desktop app. Start the desktop app, log-in with your AirDog ID, connect your AirDog via micro USB cable to your computer, and then click the "Activate" button.
  4. Update your AirDog & AirLeash firmware to the latest version. Open AirLoader desktop app, log-in with your AirDog ID and connect your AirDog via USB cable (use the cable that came in the box, many cables do not work properly). You will be notified if there is an update available for your product. It is important always to update before flying since every update significantly improves AirDog's reliability. Battery is not needed for AirDog to do updates. Once AirDog is updated repeat the process with AirLeash. Remember AirLeash must be turned on only when the cable is plugged in it and AirLoader running.