Camera Gimbal Calibration (firmware 2.8 and lower)

Calibration process described below works with AirDog firmware version 2.8 and lower. The HERO 5/6 gimbal calibration process is the same as for HERO4.

We suggest that you check gimbal calibration after you have done a successful AirDog and AirLeash Sensor Check. Here's how to do it:

  1. Attach your camera to the gimbal (gimbal without camera won't stabilise correctly).
  2. Unfold AirDog arms and insert battery, wait 10 seconds until the gimbal switches OFF automatically.
  3. Press the button on AirDog's tail (once) to power ON the gimbal.
  4. Leave AirDog on the ground (for 1 min) and check the gimbal stays level. If you see it slowly drift or it is simply off the level, then you need to do calibration.

Things you must know that may not be clearly stated in the video

  • The gimbal must be calibrated at the temperature at which you will fly. If you came out of warm house during winter please leave AirDog turned on for 5 minutes to reach outside temp before calibrating it.
  • To perform the Gimbal Gyro calibration press the tail button three (x3) times.
  • To perform the Gimbal Accel calibration press the tail button twice (x2) after you have placed the gimbal in each axis position. 
  • Remember that during Gimbal Accel calibration the first axis that you put the Gimbal in is camera looking forward position. Sequence of other axes does not matter.

    If you experience constant camera jitter when you are close to AirDog (camera pointing down), then check if your gimbal cables don't limit the gimbal movement, see the picture below:

    This is how the gimbal cables should look.