Firmware 2.9

Firmware v2.9 released on the 9th of March 2018

This firmware version includes critical safety fixes and UI improvements.

Changes since 2.8:

  • Fixed the AirLeash showing "AirLeash GPS lost" message incorrectly in some cases. NOTE: the message can still happen - contact support and send log files for such cases!
  • Fixed certain cases where drone starts gaining altitude without reason.
  • Improved LiDAR handling
  • Extended logging for better log analysis.
  • KITE mode safety and UI improvements. Now you’ll have angle and distance feedback on AirLeash.
  • Repeated Preflight Check for Airdog is based on a date not timer. This way you shouldn’t do it more then once per day.
  • Improved syncing process.
  • Airdog tail button no longer triggers gimbal calibrations. Gimbal calibration is now called via AirLeash (Settings > Calibrations > Gimbal). Calibration process is now also accompanied by prompts from AirLeash. 
  • Fixed issue where gimbal turns off mid-air.
  • “HOME” landing precision fix. After stabilising above the location, Airdog will still try to land where it wanted to, instead of where it is now.
  • Minor AirLeash UI text changes.
  • Now AirLeash factory reset triggers flight-school reset to Level 1. So now you can let your friend learn how to use Airdog too.
  • Improvements to Flight School process.
  • Gimbal lock detection. Gimbal being locked turns off the gimbal motors. Gimbal getting unlocked while in-air will result in gimbal powering back on.
  • Improved 3D LINE setting via AirLeash.
  • 3D LINE distance and altitude feedback on AirLeash.
  • Implemented 3D LINE deletion via AirLeash.
  • Improved 3D LINE file handling. Airdog should no longer get stuck in Takeoff phase in case of a “bad” line file - it'll switch to HOVER mode automatically.
  • Improved 3D LINE positioning on 1st point. Now Airdog will measure distance with LiDAR to ensure the set altitude is used. NOTE: When setting 3D line in mountains, make sure that Airdog before takeoff is on the same altitude where the 1st point was recorded. Ideally place Airdog in the 1st point (if possible).