Surfing with Fly-In timer

For surfers we have developed a dedicated flight mode with delayed takeoff Timer and Fly-in feature since you most probably do not want to film yourself while paddling, right? When using this feature AirDog will takeoff after set time and fly in set distance to locate you when you have reached your favorite break. Use of Timer and Fly-in are optional so its up to you if you do steps 3-7. From our experience the communication range when you are in water and AirDog on the beach is very short (sometimes only 20-40m). Water is blocking the signal so Timer with Fly-in is a great feature how to solve this problem in surfing. When in air AirDog should be able to locate you within 150-250m distance.

Takeoff and landing spot

Choose a safe spot of at least 5m radius without any trees and other objects in it. Place AirDog in the middle of this area. When the battery will run out AirDog will fly back and land here so we suggest having someone to wait for AirDog coming back. Avoid crowded places where someone can come and put his/her gear. 

Flight procedure

  1. Turn on AirDog and AirLeash, select “Surf” mode and check if all of the recommended settings are set.
  2. Press Menu button > Customize > then browse left or right until you see a setting called “Fly-In feature” and set it to “Yes”
  3. Continue scrolling to “Takeoff timer” and set time in minutes you will need to paddle in and be ready for your first wave.
  4. Continue scrolling to “Fly-In distance” and set approximate distance in meters how far you want AirDog to fly out into the ocean to reach you. Very rarely this will be less than 200m.
  5. Place AirDog in the desired takeoff and landing spot facing with camera in the direction to the break or reef where you will be surfing:

  6. Perform takeoff by hitting “Play” and then “OK”.
  7. If “Fly-In feature” is set to “On” AirDog will perform preflight motor spool-up but will not takeoff. Motors will stay off after spool-up is finished.
  8. Turn ON and hit “Record” button on your GoPro.
  9. Now you should paddle in and wait for AirDog to arrive after the set time. 
  10. AirDog will take off, then gain "Return HOME Alt" altitude and fly in. Once AirDog will reach the set “Fly-In distance” it will stop and wait for connection to reestablish with AirLeash. Once they connect it will go down to the pre-set "Takeoffaltitude and start following you immediately - you don't have to press Play button again.
  11. Now make sure you catch the best wave you can. Have fun!
  12. AirDog will return to HOME spot automatically once the battery is low, but you can force it to go HOME at any time by hitting “H” button. 

To do another flight you will need to start all over. Soon we will add repeated returning to you so you can shoot more than one wave with one battery.


  • Sport: Surf
  • Follow mode: Adaptive
  • Camera angle: Front
  • Takeoff altitude: 9 m
  • Follow distance: 15 m
  • Landing: HOME
  • Return HOME alt: 30 m
  • Enforce HOME: ON
  • Follow instantly:  YES
  • Follow terrain: OFF
  • Acceleration: 0.90
  • Reaction: 1.30
  • Fly-In feature: YES
  • Takeoff timer: depends on your spot
  • Fly-In distance: depends on your spot

AirLeash strap placement: Upper arm above biceps is the best location so that AirLeash stays out of water as much as possible.