Firmware 2.8

Firmware v2.8 released on the 13th of December 2017

We have released the new FW for AirDog 1 that includes majority of the new features from the ADII that do not require new hardware and are purely software dependant.

New Features:

- Completely new User Interface
- New Pre-Flight Check procedure. 
- 3D line mode, line setting from AirLeash and Mobile App.
- Scenic Shots (STAR button during flight)
- New and revised Activities/Sports modes. Kiteboarders will love a dedicated mode for them that takes into account wind direction and commands AD to stay on the upwind side of the rider.
- Mobile AirLeash. Ability to have someone swapping batteries and relaunching the drone without AirLeash using Mobile App 
- New Delayed Takeoff features. Possibility to launch AD with AirLeash not being present via pressing tail button. Similar to Mobile AirLeash, jut does not require smartphone to relaunch AD. Developed for those situations where rider cant take care of relaunches him/herself and there is someone to take care of that.
- improved lidar per

Many, many more new smaller features that you will discover.

NOTE: after update you will be required to go through Flight Training process. Those are 2 consecutive flights that will require one full battery before you will be able to unlock all features of the new SW.

Happy flying and keep us posted how do you like it!