Firmware v0.32

Firmware v0.32 released on the 13th of April 2017

This firmware update enables GoPro HERO5 adapter to work properly, fixes flight and UX related issues. HERO 4 gimbal adapters will work normally.

Changes since 0.31:

  • Fixed smart battery communication with AirDog. Now batteries will correctly report their status on AirLeash.
  • General improvements to software stability (code cleanup).
  • Improved Sensor Check UI. AirDog will report "tilted" (or any "calibration needed") errors immediately.
  • Revised Sensor Calibration info texts.
  • Added support for GoPro HERO 5 gimbal adapters (without this fix, GoPro5 adapters will not work properly). GoPro HERO 4 gimbal adapters will work normally.
  • Improved LiDAR reaction algorithms making the drone more stable and more robust when avoiding ground collision. 
  • Fixed the issue when AirDog wasn't looking straight when landing.

If you have purchased the GoPro HERO 5 adapter, please watch the installation tutorial - click here