Firmware v0.31

Firmware v0.31 was released on the 8th of February 2017.

This is a critical firmware update for the SMART battery, that will fix the self-discharge bug which drains the battery if its left inserted into AirDog or stored for longer than two weeks.

After you have updated AirDog and AirLeash with firmware v0.31 you will have to insert your SMART battery into AirDog and update its firmware. If you have multiple SMART batteries, then repeat the update process with each battery. Here's how to do it:

1. Turn ON AirLeash, by long pressing the OK button.

2. Unfold AirDog arms and insert your SMART battery. 

3. You'll see the "Battery update required", message on AirLeash (if you don't see the message re-insert the battery into AirDog):

4. Press OK to start the update. The battery update process might take up to 1 minute.

5. The battery update is successful when you see the default screen:

If you see the "Battery update failed" message, then re-insert the battery into AirDog and retry the battery update process.

Changes since 0.30:

  • Fixed SMART battery self-discharge bug
  • Simplified battery UI (see more detailed description below)
  • Minor improvements to LiDAR performance (more to come soon!)
  • Prevented pausing of emergency RTH and emergency land when battery level is critically low
  • Fixed rare cases where firmware update could brick the drone
  • Fixed Fly-In feature bug

Simplified Battery UI

We have removed the confusing battery error codes and now SMART battery has two states - Healthy or Damaged

If the battery is healthy the LEDs show charge level, when the battery button is pressed:

If the battery is damaged the LED's don't show anything, when the battery button is pressed:

If you have a battery that is damaged please contact support via AirLoader.

P.S. Remember that you need to update AirDog and AirLeash with the same firmware version to be able to fly AirDog!