Firmware v0.30

Firmware v0.30 was released on the 16th of December 2016.

This is a major firmware update that will greatly improve AirDog's stability while airborne and fix multiple flight related issues that are listed below.

The firmware v0.30 update process will take a little bit longer than usual and your AirDog will restart two times during the update process.

Do not disconnect the device (AirDog or AirLeash) while you see this message:

Disconnect the device (AirDog or AirLeash) ONLY when you see the "Update done" message:

Changes since 0.29:

  • Improved the flight controller, fixing rare cases where the drone would fly away from the desired trajectory
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the drone to takeoff even if the battery voltage can't be estimated (0% battery capacity is shown all the time)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the drone to go back and forth in some cases when a follow mode is activated
  • Changed how problems with firmware additionals and activation are processed - should fix the cases where battery update was requested when the drone is not able to process it correctly (incorrect additionals file or drone is not activated)
  • Return to Home velocity is set to 10 m/s. This will not affect the flight time in any way, but will make the RTH process safer (especially in high wind)
  • Fixed drone sensor validation being requested several times during the same day

P.S. Unfortunately downgrade is impossible, so all other firmwares were removed. Don't worry, you can overwrite 0.30 firmware even if it is already on the device. It might help in some situations that were previously solved by doing a firmware downgrade.

P.P.S. Remember that you need to update AirDog and AirLeash with the same firmware version to be able to fly AirDog!