HOME and SPOT landing

Landing is completely autonomous and is initiated when the battery level runs low or when you manually send a command from AirLeash. Landing modes are sport-specific, meaning each Sport Mode has its predefined landing mode to ensure a safe landing.

HOME or Return To Home 

In this landing mode, AirDog will ascend to the preset Return To Home altitude and then fly in a straight line to the initial takeoff or home location and land. The default Return To Home altitude is 65 feet (20 meters), but it can be adjusted via AirLeash. This is very useful for sports done on flat terrain and water sports such as surfing.

You can initiate the Return To Home landing mode manually by long pressing (4sec.) the 'H' button on AirLeash.

AirDog will automatically initiate the Return to Home landing sequence to ensure a safe return to the HOME position. AirDog constantly calculates the distance to the HOME position and the “Return to Home” estimation is dynamic and determined by how far AirDog is from the HOME position. In simpler terms, if the user very far from the HOME position AirDog will Return to Home sooner than if the user was closer to the HOME position.

SPOT or Land On Spot 

In this landing mode, AirDog will land at its current position. This is typically used in downhill sports such as snowboarding or skiing when you want to land AirDog at your chosen spot in the line of sight, not far away from you when you’re done with your ride or when the battery is low.

You can initiate the Land On Spot landing mode manually by short pressing the 'H' button on AirLeash.

Alternatively, you can walk to a safe landing spot and press the COME TO ME button. Once AirDog has flown to your current position, take a step back and short press the 'H' button ON AirLeash to land AirDog, this ensures that AirDog will land a few feet from your chosen spot.

SPOT landing is initiated automatically when critical battery level (approx. 20%) is reached. In such cases, AirDog will not respond to any commands from AirLeash.

NOTE: You can pause landing by pressing PAUSE on AirLeash.