How to enable automatic Battery updates

This is instruction on how to enable automatic firmware update for AirDog SMART Battery.

DO NOT follow these instructions, if your AirDog firmware version is older than v0.23, otherwise your battery could become unusable!

You should ONLY follow these instructions if:

1. You have updated your AirDog to firmware release v0.23 or above.
2. You have AirDog battery version v2.1 (Smart Battery). Check the label, located on the battery side. It must state “v2.1”:

Why do I need to update my battery manually?

To improve drone safety, reliability, and for the best user experience, SMART Battery firmware must be updated.

Normally this happens automatically, when the battery is inserted to drone. However, for batteries,manufactured before July 2016, manual procedure may be required to enable automatic firmware update.

What is needed to proceed:

  • AirDog with updated firmware v0.23 or above
  • AirLeash wirh firmware v0.23 or above
  • SMART Battery
  • Windows or MAC computer
  • Micro USB cable
  • AirDog battery Charging Adapter

Enabling SMART battery automatic update

1. Press and hold the battery button and insert the battery into the Charging Adapter, then remove the battery from adapter.

Your battery is now in Safe Mode. If you press the battery button now, it doesn’t show battery charge level. Either two left LEDs will light up, first and last LED will light up or  no LED will light up indicating battery is in Safe Mode.

2. Insert the battery into AirDog and connect AirDog to your computer with the Micro USB cable.

3. Turn ON AirLeash. After initializing and connecting to the drone, AirLeash will show "Battery update required" message.

Press the "OK" button and wait until update process completes (AirLeash screen turns back to Main Screen).

DO NOT remove the battery until firmware update process is in progress

4. After update completion, AirLeash will return back to the Main Screen.

Congratulations! You just updated your battery firmware, as well as enabled automatic update.

You will not need to repeat this procedure with this battery anymore. Now the battery will be updated by AirDog automatically.