Flight parameter list and description

We have created dedicated flight modes for action sports, so all you need to do is select your Sport and go! 

If you can't find your Sport in the Sport Mode menu, pick one (from the available) that is most similar to your. When deciding if your sport is similar to the provided Sport Modes consider your environment and surroundings, e.g. if you are going on water, then select a water Sport Mode and so on. New Sport Modes will be added all the time with firmware updates so always make sure that your AirDog and AirLeash have the newest firmwares.

Listed are all flight parameters (param for short) that you can adjust via AirLeash.

Note that NOT ALL params are visible and NOT ALL params are adjustable in different Sport Modes. This is done intentionally to prevent users to adjust params that could affect safety in a particular sport. For example, it is not possible to switch "Follow terrain - ON" in water sports that could lead to a crash and so on.

Flight param name and description:

Param name Param values, limits Description
Follow Mode Fixed, Adaptive, Circle, Hover, Line This param defines how AirDog will follow you after you press the Play/Pause button after takeoff is completed. Not all follow modes are allowed in all Sport Modes. You can read more on Follow Mode descriptions:  click here
Camera Angle Front, Front L, Left, Rear L, Rear, Rear R, Right, Front R This param is visible only if the selected Follow Mode is Adaptive. With this param you can determine in what angle AirDog will follow you. Remember that you'll be able to adjust the Camera Angle on the go, by pressing RIGHT/LEFT arrow buttons on AirLeash. Each adjustment will be 45º.
Takeoff Altitude meters
6 - 70
This is the altitude that AirDog will ascend after you initiate takeoff. Remember that you'll be able to adjust AirDog's altitude on the go, by pressing UP/DOWN arrow buttons on AirLeash.
Follow Distance meters
5 - 60
This is the distance that AirDog will maintain while it is following you. Optimal distance is 10 - 15 meters.
Landing Mode HOME
AirDog will land at the end of your run in close proximity to you if you select SPOT, or return to the takeoff spot if you select HOME. Landing modes will be automatically initiated by AirDog when low battery level is reached or by the user manually sending a command from AirLeash.
RTH Altitude meters
10 - 100
Set safe altitude to avoid trees or other obstacles when AirDog will be returning HOME. Note that AirDog will fly in a straight trajectory with 35 km/h (23 mph).
Enforce HOME Yes / No Prevents AirDog from SPOT landing. When Enforce HOME is enabled any button press on "H" button (short or long press) will initiate HOME landing. This param must enabled in water sports.
Follow Instantly Yes / No After takeoff altitude is reached AirDog will skip Hover mode and instanly go into pre-set follow mode by repositioning to the preset follow distance.
Follow Terrain Yes / No Enable in downhill sports where you want AirDog to follow you as you descend or ascend.
Acceleration 0 - 1 Adjust how fast AirDog will reach your speed. Lower value will lead to slower acceleration.
Reaction 0 - 2 Adjust how aggressively AirDog will try to get to and maintain the follow distance. Lower values will lead to more smoother reaction.
Alt framing Yes / No Must be disabled during water sports. When Alt Framing is enabled the camera "tracks" your altitude changes (e.g., the camera's pitch will aim up when you jump up and will aim down when you land). When disabled, the camera will not adjust its pitch for any AirLeash altitude changes.
Fly-In feature Yes / No Enable when you want to use the delayed takeoff feature. Remember that you have to configure all Fly-In parameters for it to work ("Fly-In Feature - Yes", "Takeoff timer - set", "Fly-In Distance - set"). 
Takeoff Timer minutes
max 30
When Fly-In feature is enabled set the amount of time (in minutes) you'll need to get in the position.
Fly-In Distance meters
max 1000 
When Fly-In feature is enabled set the distance (in meters) that AirDog will need to fly to reach your position. Make sure that AirDog's camera is aimed at the desired Fly-In point.
Go to line speed
m/s max 7
Is visible only if "Follow LINE" mode is selected. This is the speed (meters per second) in which AirDog will fly to get on the Flight Path.
LINE Offset  meters
min "-20"
max "+20"
Is visible only if "Follow LINE" mode is selected. This is the offset position that AirDog will maintain while following you. If you set negative values AirDog will stay behind you, and if you set positive values AirDog will fly in front of you.