What happens if AirLeash loses connection to AirDog

If AirLeash loses connection to AirDog, you will hear a tone and the blue 'Leashed' LED on AirLeash will turn OFF. AirDog will stop following and switch to Hover mode. AirDog will stay in Hover mode for 4 min (or less if the battery is running low) and try to regain connection with AirLeash and, if the signal is not regained within this time (or the battery has reached critical level), it will do one of the following:

If the landing mode is set to HOME: 

AirDog will increase its altitude to 'Return to HOME altitude', fly to the Takeoff location and land.

If the landing mode is set to SPOT:

AirDog will land at the SPOT it was currently hovering. 

We have predefined the automatic landing modes for each Sport Mode, for example, in surfing your AirDog will always land at the HOME (takeoff) location to avoid crashing in water. 

If you find yourself in a situation where the default landing mode doesn't suite your environment's needs, you can always build your own 'Custom Mode'. Note that while using this mode you have to set all parameters yourself and you will be responsible for ensuring that the parameters are set correctly and your AirDog doesn't end up in trouble.

You can read more about all of the parameters here:  Flight parameter list and description