How to Pair AirLeash with AirDog

How to check if AirLeash is paired with AirDog:

Unfold all of AirDog's arms, insert the battery and turn AirLeash ON (by long pressing the OK button).

If the blue "Leashed" LED lights up, your AirLeash and AirDog are paired! If the blue LED doesn't light up, then you need to pair AirLeash and AirDog.

Pairing AirDog with AirLeash

  1. Unfold the arms, insert the battery, turn AirLeash ON by long pressing the OK button
  2. On AirLeash press the "Menu" button and then navigate with the arrow buttons (right / left) until you see "Settings", short press "OK" button to enter Settings, again navigate with the arrow buttons (right / left) until you see "Pairing", press "OK" to select, and press "OK" again to confirm. You will see this screen on your AirLeash:

  3. Now press and hold the"Tail" button (3 seconds) on AirDog until you hear a tone and AirDog's LEDs starting blinking (flashing) very fast:

  4. The pairing process can take up to 2 minutes. Pairing is complete when the "Pairing" screen disappears and you see the default screen

  5. Now press and hold the AirDog "Tail" button again until you hear a tone and the LEDs stop blinking fast.
  6. Reboot AirDog and AirLeash to check if the "LEASHED" LED is lit up (with a solid blue light). If its lit, you're good to go.