Explaining All Follow Modes (FIXED, ADAP, LINE, CIRCLE)

FIXED - Fixed Follow

In this mode, AirDog stays at a fixed distance, altitude and angle relative to you, regardless of your movement direction. In simple words - it will always stay to either the East, West, North, South, or any other angle that is set by you.

This mode is used in activities where you have wide open space and where there are no obstacles to avoid, - such as surfing or when flying at an altitude high above any potential obstacles.

HOVER - Hover & Aim

This is the simplest filming mode in which you can position AirDog at a fixed position and altitude, and it will simply pan around and adjust the camera pitch to keep you in frame. This was developed for use in tight places, such as smaller skate parks with trees around or race tracks where you want to film a car or bike that moves faster than AirDog can actually fly.

While in this mode, the arrow buttons on the AirLeash will act as an RC joystick to make AirDog positioning simple.

This is also the default mode after takeoff, and AirDog goes into this mode whenever you pause any of the other follow modes.

LINE - Follow Line

If you love cable wakeboarding as much as we do, then this mode will make filming safe and simple. Just watch the video it will explain everything:

This mode can be used in many creative ways - just imagine what cinematic effects you can achieve by limiting the AirDog's movement along a straight line while letting yourself to move around freely.

ADAP - Adaptive Follow

In this particular mode, AirDog will travel relative to your movements. You can set it to stay at any angle relative to your direction, for example: set it to fly in front of you and it will do its best to make sure your smile is captured. If you suddenly switch directions, AirDog will adapt and fly around you to reposition itself at the front. This will result in a smooth panoramic footage. If you stop while AirDog is repositioning, it will stop, too.

You can set AirDog to stay behind you and it will result in a chasing behavior that can be useful to avoid obstacles.

CIRCLE - Circle Around

This follow mode does exactly what it says - it will make AirDog circle around you even while you are moving.

After you initiate this follow mode (by pressing Play button) AirDog will start rotating clockwise. You can adjust the rotation speed by pressing left/right arrow buttons on AirLeash. To make AirDog fly counter clockwise you have to press the arrow button that is counter the current circle direction. For example if AirDog is rotating clockwise you have to press the Left arrow button couple of times to make AirDog fly counter clockwise.

You can adjust the rotation speed by pressing left/right arrow buttons on AirLeash during flight. The best results will be at the slowest speed setting and at a follow distance between 15-25 m. 

Whenever you use this mode don't go faster than 25 km/h and also avoid using too high circle around speed.